The accomodations are shared between two sites. CasaPlayita Sub and Yes Papa Hotel. Both are very entrenched in nature to empower yourself to align with the nature that surrounds you. An incredible place to ignite your weight loss journey.

Casa Playita Sub

Yes Papa!



Prepared meals take place at a site the locals call "Los Haities". It is a natural based dining facility located in the heart of a mountain surrounded by breathtaking views of Las Galeras and it's surrounding beaches. The operations is extremely environmentally conscious ensuring that all dining utensils are biodegradable. Food is traditional home made dominican food made from the natural produce of the island. The restaurant is Vegan and Vegeratarian Friendly.

Scuba Diving

Las Galeras is an incredible space to dive and interact with the underwater marine life. We take you out in conjuction with a SSI certified training center to teach you the basics of diving and allow you to explore the underwater world. 


We start the journey with the TryScuba course offered by Scuba School International (SSI) this is for those who have never dived before to be able to experience diving in shallow water. Ensuring a pleasurable and safe diving experience. 

The dive includes a visit underwater coral world, where you may see sharks or turtles, and a variety of tropical fish.

try scuba.jpg

Hiking Excursion

The hiking excursion starts with a boat ride leaving Playita into the heart of the Cabo Cabron natural reserve. From there a 45 minute hike begins where you take a majestic jounrey through Cabo Cabron and experience the natural habitat. At the end of the journey you reach what is known as "Tres Pozas" three natural swimming pool infused with salt water. At this point we take some time to embrace the surroundings, swim, eat and relax. 

tres pozas.jpg
tres pozas 2.jpg

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